Dr. Ben Lerner

AMC Chiropractic Coaching

AMC Chiropractic Coaching

At AMC we are committed to providing life changing results to our family members by building their concepts, values, purpose and procedures. AMC utilizes our heritage, experience, and lineage from working with the Chiropractic Founders and Greats, to produce unsurpassed member specific coaching, business expertise, strategic partnerships and engage them with the best materials and most inspiring instruction in the business.

“If You Don’t Grow, You Don’t Owe Guarantee”

Proven System that has helped more than 10,000 successful practices for over fifty (50) years.
Opened over 3,000 new practices.

Principles, Procedures & People
Any Doctor, Any Market, and Any Technique

We provide the industry only “Grow Guarantee” this guarantee removes all risk from new members from the very beginning as well as the during and at the end. Only pay us when we grow your business. And, we will even CAP the amount which provides an even greater level of protection.

AMC provides multiple solutions for your practice. Whether you are a student getting ready to graduate, a seasoned practitioner wanting to know how to stabilize your practice in an ever-changing practice environment or an entrepreneur looking for ways to develop associate practices or multiple practice chiropractic locations, AMC provides the answers and has the history!


  • Professional Personalized Coaching
  • Nine Annual Boot Camps
  • Certified Training Centers for Hands On Training
  • 100s of Audios & Videos, and App.
  • Complete Office Evaluation
  • Staff Training (CA Program)
  • Vendor & Nutrition & Equipment Discounts and Partners
  • Marketing, Networking, Advertising, Referral Practice, and Conversion to Cash Programs


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