Dr. Ben Lerner

Velocity Consulting

Velocity Coaching and Consulting

Welcome to the Velocity Coaching and Consulting one on one program for leaders, physicians, and entrepreneurs. The program does provide both consulting and coaching. Here are a couple of quick definitions:

Consulting: Creates structures for an organization or project, brings technical expertise and intellectual property, allows for effective project management and successful completion, and advises on the ideal metrics and models for achieving goals.

Coaching: Builds on the client’s inherent strengths, empowers the client to enact change on solve problems, is a journey of self-discover, and promotes the achievement of value-based goals.

I have degrees and certifications in Psychology, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, and Consulting so that I can bring both of these great resources together for you.

“A life is not important except for the impact it has on others.” – Jackie Robinson


Chiropractic and Business Experience

  • Multiple clinic ownership: 5 at one time and 10 in total over 20 years.
  • Licensing: over 500 licensees
  • Franchising: opened over 120 clinics, 4 gyms, owned a Gold’s and a World Gym.
  • Publishing and writing: 20 books, multiple curriculum, General Editor of 2 Bibles, written in dozens of languages and sold around the world.
  • Product manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing – channel and program based process quickly reaching 9 million/year.
  • Developed online learning: Learning management systems and online Universities
  • Lab testing
  • Health care – primarily chiropractic and some dental
  • Real estate: Industrial, mortgages, commercial, home and condo rental, and development of residential homes.


For more information please email ultimateinfluencegroup@gmail.com